Making the Re Made Co. Plunger

Five years ago a plunger was my catalyst for starting a new company with a singular mission: to get people to the campfire. I painted that first plunger handle because the tool itself was in neglect, and it needed a fresh coat of paint. No one was making a worthy American plunger, so I partnered with the oldest plunger maker in the USA to offer a brand new plunger of unrivaled quality and origin. And when customers came to us with their father’s old crusted plungers – and next to no reason to buy one of ours – we taught them how to restore a plunger. Since the beginning of Re Made Co. we have developed clothing, bags, knives, badges, and superior quality gear – all aimed at getting you to the campfire – but the plunger firmly remains our perch. Before we embark on new projects for 2015, we wanted to leave you with a brief glimpse back to the first five years of the plunger, and how we made it the best.

- Peter Smith-Buchanan, Founder

Thanks to Dudley Peter (the master) and Caleb Clayton, and to all the staff (past and present) who have worked so hard to make the Re Made Plunger the re made plunger.